Word of the day: Crabcore

Crabcore is the law, wikipedia is crime. Apparently, the term crabcore didn't deserve a wikipedia entry. The reasons behind this are of course highly questionable and it's next to obvious why this wikipedia-enty was deleted (do i need to spell it out?) On behalf of China (and all the metal fans in it),  Chinosophy takes immediate action against senseless Western censorship, by writing this blog entry.

Crabcore shalt not die!

Here is some information about crabcore culture (westerners watch out, you might not want to believe what you see)

Crabcore refers to a sub-genre of metal. A crabcore-band is a crabcore band because the members pose like crabs while playing a metal song. In order to do a crabcore pose, legs must be positioned in an extremely low stance and feet set-apart as far as possible. The knees should have an atleast 90 degrees bend, reminding the viewer of a crab. The crab-pose is preferably combined with headbanging.

Attack!Attack! plays crabcore

Who invented Crabcore?
The self-proclaimed inventors of crabcore is the metal band Attack!Attack! This claim has however been contested. Some say that The Scandinavian Republic of China first invented crabcore, while others say that Bo Diddley (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ltQtBtpqig. Look closely at 2:00) invented crabcore.

Crabcore - A problem for linguists
Crabcore is also referred to as the "Cleveland Steamer" on the American West Coast. Chinosophy does however object strongly to the term "Cleveland Steamer". Chinosophy thinks that "Cleveland Steamer" reminds too much of a western movie of category "B". It's a kick-ass metal stance, dummies.

"Crabcore" is yet to have a Chinese character or a corresponding Chinese word. Chinosophy suggests the direct translation "pangxie xinr" but is open to suggestions.

Chinosophy has mailed The Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Tsing Hua University about this, but is yet to receive an answer. Chinosophy does not out rule the possibility that our e-mail has been truncated.

Hu Jintao, the chieftain of the PRC, is yet to comment on the term "Crabcore".

Reader's contribution
Chinosophy wants its readers to contribute with suggestions of a Chinese character of Crabcore. Use your imagination. It can't be too difficult: Crab+metal+headbanging = Chinese character for Crabcore.


Chinosophy will reward the #1 contributor with a password to this blog, allowing you to post/delete anything in my name and with my consent.


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